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Tap4Success™ System
uses a technique similar to EFT.

Learn EFT (tapping) from founder Gary Craig

Tap4Success™ System
uses a technique similar to EFT.
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The Tapping Solution.

The Tap4Success™ System is assisting our clients with the following issues and much more .

Mission Statement

Changing Lives is dedicated to enhancing the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical  aspects of our lives to achieve peak  performance in our personal, professional and recreational lives, while maintaining a high standard of excellence by energetic balancing of our subtle bodies using their  unique system.  Changing Lives is dedicated to gaining acceptance and use of their unique system  to increase the Life Force and Consciousness of mankind through advertising, articles , web site and  informational seminars.

Our vision is to work with young children,  teaching our self-administered techniques for helping them deal with the challenges of life.  This will allow our children  to have much more rewarding and fulfilling lives by not carrying the emotional baggage of their childhood traumatic events. 

Also, assisting adults to heal their childhood issues  to have much happier and healthier lives; spiritually, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

Order the Tapping Into Your Unlimited Potential Manual

Order the Tapping Into Your Unlimited Potential Manual

Assist Changing Lives, Inc. , a 501c3 Non-Profit Corporation, in sharing this exciting and life transforming work.

This is accomplished by sharing the
Tap4Success™ System and other modalities with our young students and those in need of these services thru free informational seminars to reach their unlimited potential.

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